Contour -Slowing Space

Slowing Space – Ephemeral Mosaics

Contour was the first of three installations and community interactions for CONDUIT Exhibit (2014-2015) by Art is Land Network (AILN) artists at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Public Park in Vancouver B.C.

My project was called Slowing Space. We move faster and faster within our environment and slowing down is equated to laziness. As we move faster our awareness of space also shrinks. Slowing down is a way to stretching time and space. Thus, the goal of this project was to increase the size of the garden by creating surprises that will slow the traveler. Along the paths in the garden, community participants drew lines with materials from the earth to make previously invisible spaces more visible. Participants from the community had the opportunity to create their own small environmental art installation in one of several designated areas along the pathways of Sun Yat-Sen park. They first experimented using natural materials to draw contour lines during a workshop on site. After choosing their materials, they invested the area they chose. Three workshops were held one month apart to reinvest the areas with new works. Information about the workshops was available through the website and social media.

A video describing Contour was made: