Debridement at the Vancouver Maritime Museum –February 2013

“Debridement is the process of removing nonliving tissue from wounds to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue”

With the support of the Community Arts Council (CACV), its volunteers and the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) a multifaceted community–engaged project on the theme of maritime pollution was made possible.

Two artists were hired to work with school children in their classes to create an installation for the Family Day at the VMM. Environmental Activists from OceanGybe gave talks at the school and at the VMM. Finally, 4 local Artists Fae Logie and Tiki Mulvihil, and Ron Simmer and Kevin Curry were selected to create 2 floating installations in Heritage Harbour. The artists talks were followed by a guided visit on the opening day. During the Family Day holiday a half-day workshop examining ocean pollution, how the animals and creatures are affected, and how individuals can make a difference was held at the VMM. The interactive workshop featured hands-on art-marking stations, face painting, and button making.

Thus, at this time when artists around the world are finding metaphorical ways to express concerns about the pollution of our beaches and oceans, this project was unique and successful in the degree of collaborative participation it obtained from the surrounding community.