Ephemeral Art In Victoria Park
October 9, 2021

Using natural and local materials, this art project was for anyone interested in creating temporary art installations in Victoria Park (East). The artworks was enjoyed by local walkers and people who visit the park.

As workshop facilitator, I provided examples of possible patterns and pointed out spots for participants to create their unique works. Participants were encouraged to create whatever inspired them. It’s amazing how creative people are. Even those who don’t consider themselves artists come up with interesting and beautiful art. Pattern-making is very intuitive to every human being.

The idea behind the project is to encourage people to look around, take notice, and reconnect with their environment. In this age where everyone is looking down at their phones, I hope to invite more embodied experiences back to our lives.

Workshops were free. All ages were welcome. All materials were provided. 20 community participants created individual installations and 2 group installations during 2 workshops of 2hours each.