A planet : our planet, our climate, our future

Une planète : notre planète, notre climat, notre avenir
A planet : our planet, our climate, our future
Pierre Leichner July 2016

The theme for this project was the Paris Agreement on the environment.

Two workshops were held in July at the Alliance Française with the dozen childrenregistered in their summer camp.

On the first day they were instructed on the Tie Dye method and each participants dyed a 2 feet by 8 feet cotton cloth using red and blue dyes. They then spent the rest of the afternoon painting on recycled plastic containers to evoke sea creatures.

On the second day they were shown how to unfold and rinse their tie-dye work and hang it to dry. All were quite enthused by their artwork.

Following this they put color on images of animals and hanged them on an orange plastic construction fence.

In the following week in preparation for Bastille Day external walls for the tent were made out of reclaimed fish netting and the construction plastic wall. The tie-dyes were also hung for the internal partitions.

On July fourteenth as part of the Bastille Day celebrations at the Roundhouse Community Center the tent was installed. Several hundred persons walked by and through the tent and dozens of children participated actively by coloring in images and/or painting on one of the panels.

Une planète : notre planète, notre climat, notre avenir

L’artiste francophone Pierre Leichner est lauréat d’une bourse « Creative Spark Vancouver » pour promouvoir l’art auprès d’un jeune public.

Dans le cadre de ce projet d’art collaboratif, il a travaillé avec les enfants participant aux camps d’été à l’Alliance Française de Vancouver autour du thème de l’environnement, fil directeur du Bastille Day Festival 2016.

Ce projet a reçu le soutien de l’Alliance Française et Creative Sparks Vancouver