Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2019

“For three days, VOAF 2019 overflowed the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall with visual art
and performances, workshops, artist talks, and community art activities. It is so
gratifying to see and hear it all come together after months of behind the scenes work.
Highlights for me included convincing a first-time group show exhibitor to sell his first
piece of art, then see his bright eyes and wide smile floating around the room for the rest
of the day, as he talked with other artists and soaked it all in. One artist said it was the
first time someone had read his performance idea and said ‘Yes,’ bringing a new
collaboration into being. That warm feeling of being welcomed, validated, and supported
in your creative work is intangible, a very real and very important element of the festival.
It’s also important that we can distribute 100% of the art sales, and pay fees to every
participating performing artist and organization.“

                                                       Executive Director, Eric Rhys Miller

The 3-day free festival took place at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation
Centre from August 9-11, 2019, and included 150+ exhibiting and performing artists as
well as organizational partners, free public workshops, and hundreds of artworks on
display and for sale, alongside aerial silk acrobatics, Cantonese opera, intergenerational
dance, wild live performances, and a range of musical stylings throughout the weekend.