Vines Art Festival
AUGUST 9-19, 2021

Roots - We all need them

Vines Art Festival is an opportunity for artists and the community to tangle and grow together during 3 days of outdoor exploration. Roots have fascinated me since my childhood and are rich in metaphors. We all need roots. We have them within our body, with our family, community and spiritually with our planet and the cosmos. I work with plants using roots as the sculptural medium. My first projects were the Root Laboratory and Dr. Legumes, a plastic surgeon for vegetables whose daring surgeries can be seen on YouTube.

The roots of the plants become the sculptural forms, the means of expression. Most of my work has been with wheat grass but in this show for cypress trees roots were utilized. After growing 5 years in their molds I opened them to discover their forms at the Vines festival in 2017. They were to be shown fully grown in 2020 but the trees died waiting for 2021 but the roots remained some eaten partially by mice. In this work nature imitates us at this time of great ecological concern.