Pandora's box

There is so much wrong with Pandora’s box metaphor.

Firstly, it speaks against curiosity. And curiosity is one our fundamental human positive characteristic. Secondly, it speaks to blind obedience to power. in this case as most often patriarchal. And we know where that gets us usually. It also aims at stopping the opportunity for dialogue as it simplistically assumes that things will get out of control.

It promotes wilful blindness and fear about the other.

So I have tried in these works to mirror the negative message in the metaphor while also showing a positive aspect in each piece. 

These three pieces incorporate the myth of Pandora’s box and the figurine of the Venus of Willendorf to explore 3 aspects of the Anthropocene. The Venus of Willendorf was made in 24,000 BCE and was found in 1908. It has become as the metaphorical figure for our planet. Over the past 3 years, I have made a series of over 60 Venuses, which incorporates objects that relate to current socio-political and environmental issues.

In these three mixed media works explore technological pollution, fossil fuel extraction and monetary greed as themes of our current geological age.

Each piece contains butterflies as symbols of fragility and resilience. The wheat grass is allowed to dry out at some point revealing towers of extinct pennies. Wheat grass roots have sculpted a human face. Non-toxic coloured sand is used in and around the pieces.

The 9 images show the 3 works. The last one shows them in the installation at GalleryGachet