Root Laboratory Project


The Root Laboratory Project (RLP) evolved from three previous works Skin Deep, Food Wars and Pairings. They represent my interest in involving the senses of the viewer: sound, sight, smell and touch in an immediate experience.

The RLP pushes these explorations further by exposing the process of the making of the artwork as part of the installation. This project also puts me inside the work. It also directly introduces a collaborative dependency with living food to present sociopolitical and spiritual issues. Thus, it borrows from BioArt, Installation Art and Relational Aesthetics theories.

To date using primarily wheat grass, sculptures have been made using fabricated molds and found food plastic containers. Most come from recycling bins. The roots of the plants become the sculptural forms, the means of expression. The installation includes the growing area, the mold making area, the documentation space, the food preparation space and the display and drying area. Both the process of growth and decay are displayed. This work has also introduced the element of surprise and discovery in my work. It is somewhat akin to the feeling one gets opening a ceramics kiln after a firing. I am excited at the potential of this plant-human partnership.