SEA(S)ARTS International Art Exhibition 2018

Many the sorrows he suffered at sea

Homer’s odyssey

Mixed media installation

My grandparents nearly drowned trying to cross into France from Italy as refugees in 1947. Hence the tragedy that occurred in Pelagias harbor on the island of Kefalonia in 2015 with refugees resonated within me.

In this work I gathered objects, the sounds, the smell and taste that hold memory in that space. The video retraces the perimeter of the detainment house; the sounds evoke it and were made in empty metal boxes around the harbor.  The objects gathered around the house’s perimeters are displayed archeologically, clinically as when we often do when trying to understand our past and distance ourselves from our emotions. The sawdust carries the smell of the harbor. In the bottle I have some water and salt that taste like seawater.