Cypress Roots at Vines Art Festival 2020

We all need them.

Cypress Roots at Vines Art Festival 2020


As with other festivals, this years’ Vines Art Festival was modified to meet the health and safety guidelines due to the pandemic. Hence, this environmental art festival could not host my sculptures this year. 

Roots have fascinated me since my childhood and are rich in metaphors. We all need roots. We have them within our body, with our family, community, and spiritually with our planet and the cosmos. I work with plants using roots as the sculptural medium. My goal in these works is to have us reconnect with environment with the respect we have all too often lost.

Most of my work has been with wheat grass roots but I planted Cypress trees in molds 7 years ago. I first showed these works partially opened at The Vines Festival in 2017. After growing 7 years I removed them fully from their molds and let them dry. 

The sculptures address contemporary environmental issues. The material challenges the false separation western society has accepted between Nature and Humans.