Nous en avons tous besoin


Nous en avons tous besoin
Creation-sur–le–champ, Land Art, St Hilaire, October 2009


Cela fait plusieurs mois que je travaille avec les racines de plantes. J’en fait des sculptures. Des racines nous en avons tous. Physiquement avec nos cheveux, psychologiquement avec nos familles, culturellement avec nos communautés et spirituellement notre  terre et le cosmos. En exposant les racines de cet arbre je vous rappelle l’importance de celles–ci.



For several months I have been working with roots. We all have them:  physically, in our teeth and hairs, psychologically with our families, culturally with our communities and spiritually with the earth and the cosmos. In the context of a Land Art Show I exposed some of the roots of an apple tree and took the leaves off it. I then covered the ground with nontoxic colored sand to represent the sky. I also put a ladder upside down along with inverted apples on the ground .The effect was to give the impression of an upside down tree. The roots became branches bearing apples while the branches wear roots reaching into the sky. Apple trees carry may symbolic meanings from knowledge and strength to sin. Inverting may also lead the viewer to reevaluate their relative position in the universe.