Playing dead...Bang...Now dead

playing dead playing dead playing dead
playing dead playing dead playing dead

By the time you finish reading this, somewhere near or far an atrocity is occurring. We cannot let ourselves be constantly conscious of this fact as it would prevent us from functioning. The series of photographs and the installation explore human's male's perpetual aggressivity in a parodic photojournalistic style.

Playing dead...Bang...Now dead is a series about the words and actions of an American Soldier shown in the news.

Scenes from Men's Battles for Earth from Past to Present reminds us that this territorial warring has always been with us and that it is a male behavior in part driven by the sexual instinct of capturing females.

Forbidden fruit is a short story with an old theme of the absurd misuse of power.

Men's Battles for Earth Through the Ages brings all these projects together as an installation in the moment layered with the past.


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