is ultrathin in or out ?

Today I was interviewed by CBC radio about the news that Spain and Israel had put a limit on how thin their fashion models could be. The Fashion industry and the Movie and Television industry have been pursuing the limit of thinness in women for the past 30 years at least. We have known about this negative influence, on women particularly, for almost as long. So what took us so long to wake up? and why are we still continuing? In 2005, I produced a photoshop collage of the cover page of woman’s magazine I called SHAME. This fashion trend is unlikely to stop until we better understand who needs it and why.
Who benefits from selling the thin ideal? It is unlikely to be a simple answer but I cannot help but think of the prevalling powers in our global village that are for the most, white, patriarchal and capitalistic. Do they need to keep women weak and dependent on their GOODS?
Thomas Hirshorn said ” FASHION REFLECTS THE FEAR OF LOOSING ONE’S IDENTITY “. This thought helps explain the importance adolescents give to fashion as they are developing their identity. But then, does the importance our society give to fashion also reflect this fear and how do emaciated young females reflect our collective identity?

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