Another Beginning

Vancouver Poodles

This May has been quite eventful. On May 5th I got my BFA from the Emily Carr Institute. A strange feeling after 5 years of mostly enjoyable learning I can show you and talk about what I have done during this time but I am probably less sure about what art is then when I started. That is, (I will rationalize) probably a reflection of effective learning as when get closer to anything it becomes more complex. Vancouver Pooh-dles was my piece in the Grad Show. It is still current .The headlines of last friday’s SUN front page were the sex trade workers taht dissapeared in Vancouver and concerns about dog pooh in parks.


Also I opened My first solo show “de 0 a 13” on May 10th at the French Alliance Center’s gallery. It is still hard to think of myself as an artist. But I will persists even if the future is unclear at this time because it is when I am creating my ART (?) that I can feel “my heart soar as an eagle”.

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