Who's Afraid of Outsider Art


Who's afraid of outsider art?

Outsider Art has been an important yet undervalued field of art for nearly seventy years. Since the 1970’s the term has been used increasingly to refer to any artist who is self taught or has little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. It now includes visionary, intuitive, folk, naive and often-aboriginal artists.
Who's afraid of outsider art was a project funded by the BC Arts Council. Two outsider artists were selected after an open call to provide them with mentorship and support over a 3 months period.
During this period they had the opportunity to visit several art galleries and museums and get individualized coaching and support on preparing for an exposition of their work..
The works of Zola Novak and Sean Lambert were exhibited at the Roundhouse Community Art Centre. Zola also gave a public workshop there.