Window to discover




Fenêtre à découvrir
Window to discover

Consumers of mental health services and staff created this mixed media sculpture
during a 3 month artist residency in Lille, France. A program called Culture Santé from the Ministry of Culture primarily funded the project.
The project occurred in 3 steps. The first phase consisted of several focus groups to explore the meaning of art and isolation in the community. This could be described as the intellectual phase of understanding the project. It was followed by an experientisal phase during which the participants expressed their thoughts and feelings in drawings, plastecene, and cardboard maquettes. Out of this process emerged by consensus a plan for an interactive sculptural installation. During the final phase the sculpture was built.
It was composed of 2 parts. One part was to be like a habitable space that was difficult to get in and out of. One could also look out but not seen, the inside and outside were invested by objects and images. The second part was to be more organic in form like a tree emerging from the first shape. We learnt that isolation is not all negative but can also be beneficial and welcomed. The work reflected both these aspects.