The Many Faces of Apollo - 2009

This work is a reflection on my experience in the Masters of Fine Arts Program at Concordia since fall 2008. During this time I have observed an ongoing transformation in my practice as well as that of my peers.

For me, art is about the pursuit of meaning, it is about observation, exploration, and experimentation. It is about trying out ideas, gestures, making art objects and it is about expecting failure. It is also about encouragement and support from each other and our teachers. We remake ourselves many times, not all at once but bit by bit. And it hurts sometimes, but with persistence we become artists.

Play is also a critical part for me. It stimulates curiosity, puzzlement but also helps me not take my ideas or myself too seriously.

Grass grows everywhere, it finds the cracks in the sidewalks and the forbidden spaces in gardens. It seems immortal, dying every winter only to reappear every spring, desired or not. It is where we play. Roots anchor, connect, spread underneath in the earth bringing nourishment. They are ancestry.


Fall 2009