At the same time as more information and goods become available to us, more easily and rapidly then ever before, we are distancing ourselves from their actual source. We no longer need to be physically there to be present in real time. We no longer need to touch to know as long as we can see. In my work, I am interested in rekindling the importance of all our senses in the process of knowing.

In previous works Skin Deep and Food Wars I have separately explored skin and food. Skin the organ of touch, the traveling bag of our experience, is a major target of our nurturing, aggressive and sexual impulses. Color of skin is still a source of prejudice, and smooth skin a fetishized object. Yet, we use touch relatively less and less in our daily lives either with each other or with the foods we eat. The availability and quality of food is a current media battlefield. Ideological camps have created dichotomies to fight over. Fast vs. Slow, High Carbs.vs Low Carbs., Global vs. Local, Organic vs. Engineered are just a few of the issues argued.

In this project, I want to bring us closer to our senses by offering an experience that involves touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing. To do this I am covering furniture on which we eat, with photographs of skin printed on flexible materials. Each furniture and covering are paired with a food that the viewer is invited to taste. Also, semi-transparent curtains are situated in front of mirrors so that the viewers may see themselves trough the curtain as if being the subject in the pairing. A sound tract created by eating and touching plays in the background. The pairings may change over time, as personal, sociocultural and political associations will guide them.

Pierre Leichner