Every Venus Tells A Story


This project is a continuation of my exploration of material and our human entanglement with it. It also concerns our relationship to our environment. It emerges from a number of other previous projects including Pairings in 2008, Food Wars in 2009, Jardin Biologique #8 and 9and Connected in 2011, The Root Laboratory project in 2009 and 2012, Debridement in 2013and my performances as Dr. Legumes.

This ongoing project focuses on using the Venus of Willendorf as the metaphorical container. I made copies of the Venus out of materials that melt or dissolve: ice, fat and soap and videotaped the process. Also I made a series of 50 Venus’ that incorporate other objects that relate to current socio-political and environmental issues.

The goal is to create a multimedia and multisensory show including a gustatory component.  

Pierre Leichner