The GrassRoots Project


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The GrassRoots Project

“Made possible by grassroots funding to celebrate grassroots community participation with just simply grassroots”

This project was made possible by an award from the East Feast - 2011organized by the Britannia Community Center. Over the period of 4 months I, in collaboration with wheatgrass, have sculpted the portrait of 8 persons recognized for their grassroots contribution to the Eastside community.
I required approximately 3 weeks to grow each portrait. I then, displayed new faces at the information center, the swimming pool lobby and the senior center in a visible place in a Plexiglas case where they dried until replaced. All the faces and photographs were exhibited in a common installation at the Britannia Art Gallery. I also asked each person their 3 favorite colors and I used those to create a mixed media portrait of each.
This project followed from my Root Laboratory Project and The Many Faces of Apollo. The roots of the plants became the sculptural forms, the means of expression. In this way nature imitated us in celebrating our community at this time of great ecological concern. We all need roots. We have them within our body, with our family, community and spiritually with our planet and the cosmos.