The Necessity of Absence – an ongoing project


I have a strong yearning to explore the concept of absence. Early in 2015, I wrote:

“We are all born from another. In the beginning, we are all one within another.

I, begins with the loss, the separation from the other. This is a tear we never recover from. It leaves a gap, an absence that we strive to fill all of our lives. This loss, this fear of emptiness drives our needs and pursuits, good and bad.”

Since then, I researched this concept further and begin to explore it using mixed media. The texts I have read have already shifted my thinking about absence. It is most often conceptualized as an effect of a lack of presence or at times on a continuum with presence. I am interested in exploring it as a somewhat autonomous experience, an essential part of our existence independent of loss or presence.

Absence #1

The taste of absence/ le gout de l’absence

The Hollow