A new spin on gravitational art

Gravity is a fundamental force for our existence. Yet it’s very essence remains a mystery.

Ripples in the fabric of space and time –gravitational waves – were first detected in 2015.

They arise from the collision of extraordinarily large objects such as black holes and neutron stars colliding. These collisions generate heavy elements such as gold, platinum and lead.

Many astrophysicists equate this discovery to that made by Galileo when he provided the evidence that the earth revolved around the sun. Gravitational waves could open doors to a deeper understanding of our universe, even possibly its very origin.

In this ongoing work, the force of gravity is explored artistically. These mixed media works aim to engage viewers visually and physically in the experience. The works are of course imaginative representations as we only have limited knowledge of these events, however, each of the works was made using gravitational force directly and some can be activated by it. The concave works can be installed vertically or horizontally and viewers can spin them.