maladjusted is an interactive theater play created to explore the mechanization of mental health services in Vancouver, Canada. 24 selected participants with real life experience in the services developed material for the 30-minute script over 2 weeks of workshops. 6 of these participants then became the actors in the play. I was fortunate to be selected to play the part of Dr. Devreaux in the play. The intention to focus on patient centered care shifted to human centered care as it became evident that the needs of the health care workers also needed to be addressed. Using the interactive strategies of Forum Theater the play was performed 18 times to 2020 spectators. 3 public dialogues were also held concurrently with invited speakers on related topics. The last performance was a World Wide Web Cast. The audience participation and feedback was recorded and condensed in a 15-page report with 32 core recommendations. This document was submitted to the Canadian and Regional Health Care organization. The success of this play came from the pertinence of the subject but also from the insistence of the director David Diamond and the staff of the Theater For Living to create high quality theater. This strategy for engaging audiences in furthering our understanding of health care issues and in problem solving is innovative as a method that links the knowledge gained back to the policy makers and health care organizations.