de 0 á 13

"Do what you will, this life's a Fiction.
And is made up of Contradiction"
William Blake

At a certain time in our lives, perhaps because of our aging or losses, we want to revisit our past to better understand it, remember, or to forgive and forget. The images, the sounds, the tastes and the smells of our memory are never fully objective. They live in us constantly, interconnected, never separate, although at times one may predominate for a brief moment.

In this series of 42 photographs which are part of an installation of De 0 á 13, I concentrated on the memories of my first 13 years. During this period, I lived in Marseille before leaving for Canada at the age of 13 in 1960. In retracing the places of my youth, emotions came back – unorganized, sweet, sad, menacing, happy, precise and vague. I then decided to focus my work around four themes – the conflict between my parents; tension between my father and myself; the fantasy figures and games of my youth; and my first sexual feelings.

Through these images, sounds, and tastes, I try to recreate an emotional and intimate experience. Moments that are menacing and tense are mixed with those of playfulness and early desire. Photographs on vinyl are at the entrance and the exits of the exposition space. Inside, images and text are grouped on the walls, interconnected but also mixed up as emotions can be in our memory. Throughout the space sculptural elements and food to share are placed. An image of Jumbo floats freely, held up by balloons. The lighting is sufficient but soft. A soundtrack loops, recreating juxtapositions that are sometimes paradoxical with the images. At the exit, a glass of pastis, white wine, or mint syrup in water, is offered to the visitors.

-French version-