I was born in Romania in 1947 to Hungarian parents who fled to France where I grew up until the age of 13. We then moved to Montreal. Between the Arts and Sciences I first chose science and went to McGill for a Bachelor in Biochemistry. Curious about the mind I pursued research in Neurochemistry and obtained a Masters from the University of Strasbourg in 1969. But the laboratories were too sterile and I decided to become a physician and specialized in psychiatry. After graduating from Queen's University and a year of research at the University of California in San Diego I started my academic career in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba in 1978. Since then I occupied several teaching, research, clinical and administrative posts at McGill, Queen's and now the University of British Columbia. But my increasing frustration with the politicalization and business mentality that has surreptitiously corrupted health care has led me back to question my early decision between the Arts and the Sciences. In 2002 I began on a part time basis, the Bachelor of Fine arts program at The Emily Carr Institute of Arts and Design. I received my BFA in 2007. To date my work has reflected my view of the artist as an observer and commentator on society. I use surprise, paradox and humor in my work to interest the viewers. Both the Arts and the Sciences share in their pursuit of existential meaning. In this, my interest will continue, perhaps bridging the gap between my scientific and artistic careers. I obtained my Masters in Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2011 and I am now beginning my career as a teacher and a practicing artist.

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